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Lauren | ♀| 24 | Full Time Digital Artist
Freelance | Beginner Tattoo Artist
2D Character Design
Humanoid / Furry Artwork

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Hello there! 🌻
You can call me Lauren/Cinder. I hope you find what you’re looking for! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with you. :)

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Where to find me across multiple platforms!

Patreon is my only platform that showcases my NSFW art uncensored. (Not currently active!)

Twitter and Furaffinity will show censored versions of NSFW.


Prices & Information

Types and prices specified here
Please read my Terms Of Service before commissioning me

Commission Type (USD)Flat Color (Standard)Simple Shading (+$15)Detailed Shading (+$30)
Half Body$55.50$70.50$85.50
Reference Sheet Simple, Front & Back Only($120.50)Reference Sheet, 100% Custom($120.50-$300.50)
Custom Adoptable (Any species)Front view ($75.50+)F&B view ($120.50+)Custom ($120.60+)
Artistic Freedom Scene1 Char. ($85.50)2 Char. ($155.50)3 Char. ($215.50)

^ Artistic Freedom Scenes are experimental pieces where I basically control the entire piece dynamic. By giving me this freedom you will get a much more balanced, detailed and altogether higher quality piece due to having no limits! They depict a “scene” and come with a full background. Coloring techniques vary. ^

// Extras //
+$30 per extra character
+$25 simple background
+$50 detailed background

Additional Options Coming Soon

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me you are acknowledging and agreeing to my terms of service.



Work in progress. 🌱

Terms Of Service

• Any refunds issued will be paid through other commissions’ income. By commissioning me you accept and understand that some refunds could take longer than others based on my productivity at the time. Refunds are NOT allowed after you’ve approved the sketch unless your wait time exceeds 90 days.

• USD payments through Paypal only.
If payments are sent through PayPal, you MUST send it as Goods and Services and click/note THAT YOU WILL NOT BE RECEIVING AN ITEM IN THE MAIL. I will NOT start on your piece until you have checked the small box saying you are not being mailed anything.

• You may ask for my email and any other personal information that you’d like to know, so long as it’s reasonable for the situation.

• Payments are taken UPFRONT! No exceptions.

Payment plans and holds are available depending on the overall price.

• The understanding and patience I come across from you guys is deeply appreciated.

• You commission me knowing and accepting that there could always be a chance that I unfortunately become depressed/manic and your artwork is pushed back. Please understand I cannot help these scenarios nor predict them and they are often months and months apart from one another.

• I take multiple commissions at once on a monthly basis. These pieces are generally finished in 2-4 weeks. After completing your sketch and seeing your characters I can give you a more accurate finish date on your piece.
(Commissions are worked on Monday-Friday mainly, I like to have weekends off unless I am requested to work on those days or unless I am behind/really want to draw!)

• When your piece is started I
DO provide WIPs and updates, AS I MAKE THEM. Do not ask for an update everyday.

“Artistic Liberty” commissions are my PREFERRED type of commission. Prices are the same as general commissions, however I get much more control and freedom within the piece. This often makes for a better finished piece. I can choose clothes, pose, background, hairstyles, etc— However I will always ask for a direction/theme to go in. Details that are required for the piece can be discussed with an open mind.

($15 rush fee to have your piece moved to the top of my queue. This proceeds anyone in the line.)* This marks you as a priority!

• I do NSFW art, SFW art, comic strips/pages, customs, reference sheets, furry/anthro/feral, couple pieces, YCH, humans and other species, telegram stickers, animations, moving icons, etc! Generally anything you can think of I can/will draw! I may not draw something the best if it’s something I haven’t drawn before but I will try my hardest until you are pleased, being put out of my comfort zone is the only way to grow as an artist!

• I don’t do underage NSFW (children), non-consent or beastiality. Absolutely NO feral NSFW art. Anthro genitals will remain human-like.

• I have the right to decline your commission request. I have the right to abruptly end your commission by sending you the refund upon letting you know that I will not be completing your piece. I have the right to post the art I created of your character as I wish, with credit to you as the owner.

You have the right to discuss my TOS with me before commissioning me if you have a question or a concern!